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Why should you invest in MARS for a real Estate?


The Human EGO in History

In our daily life, we constantly make decisions, and all the time, decisions made in ignorance lead to underestimated conclusions.

Today as in the past we act moved from society rules, we believe to be aware of our actions, and sometimes we believe to consciously scale all our actions.
Most of the time we forget that the general rules are silently written by the surrounding environment and that we are driven to believe in something just because everyone around us does that same thing.

Governments are pushing us to work more and more every day, to spend more and to produce more, to do the best we can every day, to earn as much money we can, ending up in a loop, running continuously around and around, moved from the desire to possess more items, thing, object, that mostly exceed our real needs, why? Just because our thought are influenced by the society around us.

More useless stuff you want to possess and you buy looking for happiness, the more you move the economy, the more you are just running after her. Every spin of this system generates only stress for yourself and for the whole world around that have to provide the resources and energy necessary to complete every spin to satisfy our search of fake happiness into belonging stuff.

Looking at the various cultures around the World You’ll realize that there is so many difference between the various cultures and lifestyles on Earth but all of them in the last years have standardized the way o living.

lots of the people around the world, every day, are leaving their place of birth together with their effect, culture, and belonging to start a new anonymous life in a megacity. Looking for fortune, as the fortune is to have a job with whom survive and buy or desire things that will give temporary happiness while you have left the real world, the one were you came from behind. The real richness is the culture, the family affects, your motherland.

The city’s where today the most of people moved in are traps for the EGO nature of you.

In City’s life is possible only if each inhabitant play rules every day in the same way, like gears of machine you end up turning always and constantly in the same direction. Driven to move from all other gears that keep moving around you and you keep on moving thanks to all gears next to you.

Today We all ended up looped in a system from where there is no way to escape.

Your minimum salary is accurately studied all around the world, in a way that you will not be able to save and invest in a new business, keeping the class well divided between them. So busy to keep on moving the gears around you, you will lose opportunities to find and live your life as you wish without external influences. The system makes you believe there is no escape to it, instead, there are thousands of an alternative way to live happy without being part of a machine but instead being part of an Ecosystem.

Today and as we did in the past following our sense of superiority (EGO) instead of finding a balance to live all together in balance with Mother Earth (ECO) we are slowly finishing all resources available on this planet to feed the hungry of the modern society, the Business Machine and human ego.

Start change the way you approach at your day, is a cultural change in all terms needed to find real happiness before there will be no more resource available to produce all pieces of stuff you need to be happy.

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