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The ¿ECOo’EGO? Concept

Who we are?

The ¿ECOo’EGO? concept came from the cross ideas and experience of the paths of two World Travelers with in common the love for Mother Earth. 

Dome: is a man who left a career on the 7 seas looking for a more sustainable lifestyle on land.

Laura: a Lonely globetrotter with wildness in the hairs, love and freedom in the head.

They meet for an adventure in the Mexican jungle and few months later in a condo of Downtown Seattle, the ¿ECOo‘EGO? project start to take shape.

Our mission is to make ¿ECOo‘EGO? the place where everyone in the various part of the World, can find and share the acquired knowledge, and find support towards the difficulty and challenges with living everyday life in an eco-friendly way.

Consider the Earth not just a place to “live on” but a place to “live with”.

Do you want to take place in the ¿ECOo‘EGO? family?

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