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Economy of Craziness

That day after the usual round Theo Had his usual problem.

Capo the side door does not open!?? Put a new one!?!

What what? Ok, calm down let’s have a look!

It was always the same story, the same routine, the same call from the same the lazy guy, smart with a lot of experience, yes, but that lazy to understand how wrong is that, replace instead that fix it… waste, waste after waste for nothing.

I will do always the same, it’s his mentality he will do the possible to delegate any duty or replace anything as far he does the less possible work.

We had to throw away some garbage and refuel the ship I started being worried that we could not fill the tanks and head away to Japan If we had not opened that door on time.

Maybe just change the piston for the moment will be the best option, I started considering on the way own, Theo will be super happy.

Arrived at the bunker station, with only a reconditioned piston and like always with the few possible tools, myself, Theo, and Nestorz after having assessed the jobs and after Theo started to loose his first hoses we realize soon after 10 minutes of job that he had left the right spanner behind, in the workshop, so now he would have the chance to get his loved walk back the main alleyways.

Shanghai, China – Driving around

After 1 hour and after a few backs and forward more from the workshop everything was reassembled and ready to go.

The huge heavy white still door start opening slowly in front of us, all of us were looking at the cylinder just installed and waiting for the light and fresh air from the outside World to to start penetrate into that watertight compartment dark and stinky of oil.

The sky over our heads was sad and grey. Here and there some yellow shades were adding some colors at that toxic view.

Shanghai,China – Skyline

The water under the keel was brownish with some grey and yellow shades here and there were hiding the tons of row materials.

Once the door was fully open I could finally see the other side of that liquid substance in front of me…

What I saw what after I open that door is still here impressed in my mind after 5 years.

Few days ago when I decided to start writing this post I was talking with Walter one gentleman that leaves here in Seattle and works for the building where I am living and where I will be for the next 30 days, we were talking about the COVID-19 and after sharing our opinions we closed the conversation with economic of craziness. I promise him to write about it.

What I saw in there was Crazy, the way they were polluting their own land for economic profits I never saw any other place in the World.

The present and the past – Shanghai, China

The Yangteze river is 5464km and is full of ships running up and down wide enough to fite 30 rows of big cargo boats somewhere on his path, where we were dock the other side of the land was very far, I could see it time by time if no boat were passing by.

Only a crazy mind could think to have a plan, being in that traffic is unpredictable every meter you move your boat towards it with all this captain in rush to bring their precious gods at the destination.
Thousands of ships, there every day are in lines, running up and down the river, like ants one following the other running and running to have the cargo delivered burning fuel to move items around. You know that sometimes it cost less to produce something on the other side of the world and burning fuel to bring it to your city to have signed is cheaper than have it build directly from your community?

Right but have you thought how crazy is to think of saving money into producing something into the other side of the World when the savings is payed with the emissions in the environment of thousand of Tons of polluting substances that will stay here with us forever?

Who knows where the trip of all that boat started and where will end I was thinking. Maybe few hundred miles more, for all that ants that now are running up the river, in the main land of China or maybe, thousand more, for who the ants that are running down?

I had an other memory of Shangay in my mind, I could remember the tv tower and the big nutcracker just there close enough to walk to, to touch them..The first thought that day was that we maybe have changed dock and than we would have gone to Shangay again, I couldn’t see any signs of city’s around just factories, containers, and ships everywhere.
Few calls after I realize that now the “new” cruise terminal was sometimes like 40 km away the city center. Now to go ashore during coffe time will be my next dream. Yeah I really loved to work on ships.

The barge operator bring me back on duty and after a last tear for what I had to see an other one come out realizing that, that boat full of garbage was command by a lady With to 2 kids and one baby.

I still pray for that family and hope she managed to find a better place in this economy of craziness.

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