The forest came to talk to us today

The forest came to talk to us today… It was cloudy (It is cloudy) We were listening, you were telling me… “In cloudy days like this, everything’s silent… Just when the clouds are gone, everything comes back to life again…” Crack, Crack, Crack… “You see, it’s calling: come, come!” Looking through the window… listening; looking through the window… And then, once the sound was about to go, this whisper in my head:

Balde, nur balde ruhest du auch

One tear was dropped… “What’s going on?” For a moment you left; I had to tell you and looked it up, this last line… found Goethe’s poem Über allen Gipfeln… “In the summits, in the tops of the trees… Ruh… Birds are silent in the forest… Wait, but wait… soon, you’ll be silent too”… I told you… what it meant to me (Kundera in my head (auch!!)) Your eyes were crystal, you were staring at the front, no words… You knew, you understood. You looked back at me with your crystal eyes. I think you kissed me. We knew. “Sorry for being an addict.” “My time is coming…” A wake-up, a warning call… We behaved sometimes as if there’s a long time ahead of us, when there’s none, there is not…










(My intellectual thirst was shut down by the existencialist realm…)






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