El rehilete or the first joint

Resultado de imagen para rehilete

Some of the most memorable experiences might appear just by chance…

(What a summary to be folded or unfolded. (Say it again! Folded/unfolded.))

There I was, a warm night, in spite of the light that kept coming from the sun,’cause it wasn’t still dark, when I took this small bread or cookie, or browny, or chocolate or all of them together containing the green cream, a green on-top-of-this that was smelly but not enough to prevent you from eating (munching, chewing, eating) completely. “Good thing is you’ve already tried it… right?” Tried what? No, not at all. “All that way to end up losing your virginity right here!” Laughter and laughter.

For me, I recall it was like shiny (Rehilete), like moving around, spinning non-stopping (rehilete); horizontally and vertically (rehilete), spinning non-stopping. I could feel that my senses could feel deeper, way deeper, deep, deep, deeper… And the almonds were singing and on the top there were these black butterflies moving all over and the pale, soft, pale blue light coming from the screen , pretending to be a hand, a hand that was moving towards me. “What’s happening?” Fear for a moment, or maybe two (three, five, six moments, but not more). I wanted to stand up, but the mobile: “Remain on your seat. Don’t get out of the truck.” No way! Dancing is just fluid, just fluid. And on top of that all: I could move like a wink, (wink-eye) way faster: I was here, I was there, how come? I ended up stood up, I ended up lying… laying? I had this truth, clear in my head, I need a paper, I need a pen, to put it aside and testify what I’ve been through. Through this, through you, through me… (‘)Cause(s) it seems that there’s no division: hey/yeah no division. I was liquid, I was there trying to persuade you from eating it again, but instead (instead) I feel like clapping or mapping, collapsing and glancing. Staring at you on the face, till all just flashed down, spark(led) again and… bloom!: period, silence.

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